D&K Expression 42" Plus Dual Hot Roll Laminator

Features:Does accept both low-melt thermal and pressure senistive films. Operator-Friendly with "Ready" and "Wait" lights indicating when the laminator has reached preset temperatures with adjustments up to 300° F. Independent upper and lower electronic temperature controls with LED display. Spring-Loaded adjustable roller pressures allow for smooth and even lamination. Foot switch allows hands-free operation for guided materials during lamination. Equipped with auto-grip shafts for easy loading of films designed for mounting, laminating low-temperature as well as thermal and pressure sensitive films. Heavy duty forward & reverse variable speed motor, top grade silicone rubber drive and four high-capacity forced air cooling fans
Specification:Accommodates substrates to 1/2" thick & rolls up to 8" in diameter
Price:USD 4,500.00
D&K Expression 42" Plus Dual Hot Roll Laminator. Easy to Use Mounter, Laminator, Encapsulator for prints up to 41" wide with fast set-up, easy operation and film loading.