Duplo DSS-350 Square Spine

The DSS-350 Square Spine module adds a square spine finish to offset and digitally-printed booklets, providing a flatter look. With a processing speed of up to 2,600 booklets per hour, the DSS-350 is ideal for low to mid-volume runs and is the fastest of its kind. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be configured in-line with the DBM-350 Bookletmaker or in off-line mode with the DBMS Saddle Stitcher to finish a variety of applications including yearbooks, catalogs, calendars, and more. Optional unit can be used with most Duplo bookletmakers. Delivers booklets with a square spine finish. Processes up to 2,600 booklets per hour.

Adds a square spine finish for a flatter look;
Ideal for low to mid-volume runs;
Processes up to 2,600 booklets per hour;
Finishes booklets up to 0.17"/4.2 mm thick;
Can be used stand-alone to hand feed;
Can be configured with the DBM-350/T Bookletmaker;
Can be configured with the DBMS/T Saddle Stitcher in off-line mode (stand is required).

- Calendars;
- Catalogs;
- Yearbooks;
- Annual Reports;
- Any Booklet Application etc.

Speed: Up to 2,600 booklets per hour;
Booklet Size:
Max. 12.60" x 9.05" (320x230 mm)
Min. 4.13" x 3.35" (105x85 mm)
Booklet Thickness: Within 0.17"/4.2 mm (max 1 cover, 210 gsm +19 sheets/81.4 gsm)
Paper Quality:
Fine Quality: 64-127.9 gsm
Art/Coated: 104.7/127.9 gsm
Cover: Up to 300 gsm