Duplo DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder

The Duplo DSF-2200 Digital Sheet Feeder feeds up to 200 sheets per minute, making it ideal for short to mid-volume jobs. The DSF-2200 comes loaded with a number of high-end features including Duplo's own belt suction feed system, front and side air separation, an anti-static device and ultrasonic double feed detection for enhanced feed reliability. It feeds increased paper sizes up to 14" x 20" (or 9.05" x 24" via optional Extension Tray Kit) and offers a variety of options including a trail edge air kit, pre-loading kit, and 1D & 2D barcode readers.
The DSF-2200 is configurable with the entry-level DBM-150S Bookletmaker, the mid-range DBM-350 Bookletmaker, and the high production DBM-600 Bookletmaker as well as the DBMS Saddle Stitcher. See the 150/350i/600i Digital Booklet System or iSaddle Digital Saddle System under Saddle Stitching and Bookletmaking Systems for sheet feeding and bookletmaking with the DSF-2200.
Feeds up to 200 sheets per minute. Ideal for short to mid-volume productions. Processes pre-collated sets to most Duplo bookletmakers.

Feeds larger sheet sizes up to 24" with optional Extension Tray Kit;
Belt suction feeding with front and side air separation;
Air management system;
Ultrasonic feed detection;
Anti-static device;
Connects to most Duplo bookletmakers.

- Calendars;
- Corporate Reports;
- Catalogs;
- Brochures;
- Yearbooks;
- Magazines etc.

Number of Bins: 2;
Separation: Front air (fan), side air (fan), optional trail edge air (pump);
Paper Loading Capacity:
Tray A: 2.56"/65 mm;
Tray B: 7.87"/200 mm;
Paper Size:
Length: 7.87"-20"/200-508 mm (24" with Extension Tray Kit);
Width: 4.13"-14.02"/105-356 mm;
Processing Speed: Up to 200 sheets per minute;
Additional Functions:
End mark detector (sensor), anti-static device, alternate feed function;
- PC Controller (required for DBM-350);
- Pre-loading kit;
- Barcode kit (1D and 2D);
- Trail edge air kit;
- Extension tray kit.