Sackel SAC525S UV-LED Hybrid Printer

Sackel Corporation® is now introducing our newest line of wide format printers, the UV-LED Series! Currently being sold worldwide in over 70 countries, these amazing printers utilize NanoGraphic Inks® and can print on virtually anything.
Each of the wide-format printers in the UV-LED series feature a unique carriage raising system to ensure direct printing on substrates up to 7.9” thick. Open up new doors for your business with the ability to print, with one machine, on rigid materials and roll media including; paper, banners, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, wood, aluminum, porcelain and even water.
Speed up your output and get orders done faster with a Sackel Corporation® UV-LED production printer, its UV-LED curing technology dries ink immediately and can print up to 356 sqft per hour.

Printing on:
- wood;
- paper;
- banners;
- glass;
- ceramic;
- metal;
- plastic;
- wood;
- aluminum;
- porcelain;
- and even water!

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