Saber X15 Paper Cutter

For taking on heavy-duty cutting projects, it doesn't get better than SABER paper cutters: the best technology, the most power, the greatest endurance. Set up the SABER cutter and you'll have a workhorse that provides years of satisfying, easy, high-quality operation for all your cutting jobs between 37-62". The SABER X-15 makes it simple.

- Mechanical Excellence. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, the SABER X-15 industrial cutter features the strongest and most precise mechanical design on the market. Its massive knife bar cuts through piles with pressure applied equally at both sides, ensuring greater cutting power, less pile disturbance, less mechanical wear, and extended knife life. The centrally located hydraulic clamp cylinder provides steady, uniform clamping pressure. A ball-bearing lead screw, linear guides, and the SABER's patented DC drive system control the backgauge's precision, providing smooth and accurate positioning at all speeds.
- World-Class Control. The SABER X-15 cutter features a wide format, color touch screen that details an extensive array of easy-to-use programming and control options. With only a few keystrokes, operators can save and quickly recall both operator preferences and the details of every job. The computer control system designed by C&P Microsystems comes CIP3/4-enabled and network compatible.
- No Cuts on Safety. No corners have been cut to ensure operator and machine safety on the SABER X-15 cutter, which complies with CE requirements. Two-hand cut release; safety latching of the knife bar; two-stage hydraulics; and a computer controlled IR safety curtain-all standard. Two independent circuits monitor all major functions on the SABER cutter.

37" / 95cm;
45" / 116cm;
54" / 137cm;
62" / 158cm.

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