Duplo UD-300 Rotary Die Cutter

Create on demand die cut products with the UD-300 Die Cutter!
The UD-300 Die Cutter produces a variety of digital print and packaging products such as custom-shaped brochures and direct mailers, stationery, retail packages, labels, and folded boxes in quantities as low as one. Designed for use with flexible dies, the UD-300 performs multiple cuts, slits, slit-scores, kiss cuts, perforations, and window punches for single and multiple-up pieces on a wide range of paper stock up to 14" x 20" at 3,000 sheets per hour.
The UD-300 comes standard with an exit tray and users can install the optional separator and conveyor unit, in place of the tray, to automatically remove the waste of each sheet. The photo-eye sensor ensures only the finished pieces are neatly stacked onto the conveyor for faster productivity. Rotary magnetic cylinder die cutter. Fast die changeover and set up times. Processes 6,000 cycles per hour.

Rotary magnetic cylinder die cutter;
Designed for use with flexible dies;
Fast die changeover;
Minimal set up times;
6,000 cycles per hour;
Processes 14" x 20" sheets at 3,000 sheets per hour;
Optional separator/conveyor unit with photo eye sensor.

- Invitations and greeting cards;
- Gift card holders and tags;
- Coasters;
- Box holders;
- Party favors;
- Doorknob hangers;
- Folded boxes;
- Product labels;
- Product packaging for clamshell packaging;
- A full range of limitless applications.

System Type: Rotary magnetic cylinder die cutter;
Paper Size (WxL):
Max. 14.33" x 20.275" (364x515mm);
Min. 8.267 x 11.693" (210x297mm).
Paper Thickness:
Max. 400gsm;
Min. 106gsm.
Speed: 6,000 cycles per hour, handles sheets up to 14" x 20" at 3,000 sheets per hour.
Feed System: Air suction belt feeder;
Paper Loading Capacity: Up to 7.875 (200mm).
Weight: 880 lbs. (400 Kg).