Junior DT-M Folder

Junior DT-M Folder - An extremely economic solution for folding high volumes of paper

The Junior DT-M is an extremely economic solution for folding high volumes of paper fast and accurately. Versatile and easy to use, this folding machine is able to handle sheets up to A3 paper size. The adjustment of the folding plates is done quickly with an easy to use interface. Each folding plate is equipped with a fine-tune adjustment to achieve perfect folding results every time.

An integrated conveyor stacker guarantees accurate stacking of up to 300 folded sheets. This conveyor stacker is adjustable according to different paper sizes and fold types and handles the paper with a maximum speed of 14.400 sheets/h. The capacity of the automatic feeding station is up to 500 sheets. A job counter indicates the number of processed sheets. Equipped with a digital pre-counter (count-down-function) with interval mode, this allows the machine to have short break after a fixed number of sheets are folded, this enables the operator to remove a fixed number of documents without stopping the machine.

Paper size: from A6 up to A3
Speed: Up to 14.400 sheets/h
Fold types: 7 different types of fold
Paper weight: 50 - 160g/m²