Junior DT-A Folder

Junior DT-A - Versatile and easy to operate A3 folding machine
The Junior DT-A is a versatile and easy to operate folding machine that can handle documents up to A3. The adjustment of the folding plates is done fully automatically, select your application by pressing the start button and the machine starts folding.

Handling paper with a maximum speed of 14.400 sheets/h, the automatic feeding station has a maximum capacity of 500 sheets, while the conveyor stacker guarantees an accurate storage up to 300 sheets. Any adjustments, depending on the size and fold type is done automatically.

The Junior DT-A is equipped with a digital pre-counter (count-down-function) with interval mode. This will allow the machine to have a short break after a fixed number of sheets are folded, this enables the operator to remove a fixed number of documents without stopping the machine.

- Paper sizes from A6 up to A3
- 7 fold types: single, Z-, wrap, double parallel, door, engineering and cross fold
- Automatic fold type and fine adjustment
- Adjustable contact pressure of the paper feed
- Adjustable separation of the sheets
- Central form width setting
- Paper weights: 50 – 160 g/ m2
- Fine adjustment of the fold parallelity (seewing)
- Pre-counter with interval function
- “Paper-out” and jam control
- Double sheet control
- Operating display with 4 digit job counter, pre-counter and status information
- Automatic adjustable conveyor stacker
- Max. speed 14.400 sheets/ h

Paper size: From A6 up to A3
Speed: Up to 7.200 sheets/h
Fold types: 7 different types of fold
Paper weight: 50 - 150gsm
Special feature: Fully automatic adjustment of the folding plates.