Intec FB9000

FB9000 - Creative digital print finishing for production and prototype packaging.
The FB9000 is an advanced, fully automated digital die cutter delivers lightning speed performance, unparalleled media control and highly sophisticated, but user-friendly production functionality. This premium build system has a high capacity rapid auto feeder, paired with a large format continuous belt cutting table and media collection tray, which together offer synchronised auto-feed/load and eject for fully unattended operation and exceptional productivity. Tactile controls and immersive touch screen driven software provide an intuitive user experience ensuring you operate the FB9000PRO with the simplest daily operation and virtually no learning curve.

Easy set-up and use. No need for dedicated operators/previous knowledge or specialised expertise. Unbox, connect and align feeder to cutter, plug in your PC via ethernet or USB and you’re ready to go! The FB9000PRO cutters use advanced digital contour cutting technology to follow artwork lines drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW® enabling you to cut and crease absolutely any shape, on demand, with no setup costs and no new software to learn.

Cutter - The FB9000PRO’s dual tool head contains the latest Vision3 high resolution CCD camera, which reads a printed QR code to automatically retrieve the associated cutting file from the system and eliminating wasted time searching for jobs. Scanning the corner page SmartMarks also ensures precision registration of every sheet with its digital cut file.

Feeder - Users can stack up to 2,000 sheets of printed media, even mixed batches for fully unattended operation, thanks to the QR code job identification. Each sheet is then automatically loaded on to the cutting belt using a highly effective pneumatic feed system.
Software. Intec’s acclaimed ColorCut Pro software comes as standard. Features include: Remote Job Library, *SmartColors which allow different tasks and speed modes to be applied to different parts of the cut file and QR code reading which also allows the system to faultlessly identify and cut mixed jobs in the same session.

Working Area (manual placement) - 550mm x 850mm
Working Area (feeder) - 480mm x 720mm
Width - 2850mm
Depth - 1095mm
Height - 1035mm
Weight - 406.5kg
Max Speed - 1,200mm/s
Data Buffer - PC / Mac
Feeder Capacity - 25kg / 217.42mm
Tooling - Twin head (1 x cutter 1 x creaser)

Power Supply
Cutter - 220 - 240V / 6.8A / 750W
Vacuum pump - 220 - 240V / 4.5A / 750W
Compressor - 220 - 240V / 3.6A / 780W