Intec SC5000

SC5000 - A revolutionary new type of automated cutter – blending flatbed and sheet fed technologies!
Perfect for digitally die-cutting packaging, P.O.S. and lightweight card projects – as well as kiss-cutting sheet labels – the all new ColorCut SC5000 is an ‘on demand’ digital sheet cutter with no physical dies or time-consuming setup costs.

Complete unattended cutting production - Targeted for busy print departments, seeking an affordable, high-capacity device for complete unattended cutting production, the SC5000 combines ultra-reliable feeding with an instant job retrieval system and flawless high-speed cutting and creasing. This compact free-standing device is conveniently mobile and will be easily accommodated in any print shop.

High-capacity and ultra-reliable feeding - The SC5000 has been designed to provide unattended operation with particular attention paid to the feeding system to ensure class-leading performance for card, vinyl labels or even tricky laminated sheets. The SC5000’s auto feeder accepts up to 900 sheets, which automatically raises and lowers as required. To prevent sheets curling, as a result of a constant air flow to the sides, the SC5000’s uses an automatic air blade that fires a blast of air momentarily into the front of the stack just as the advanced vacuum feed belt lowers to collect the top sheet using pneumatic suction. To further provide a reliable feed, the vacuum feed belt lifts the media carrying any sheets not pre-separated by the air blade past a pair of dexterous separation fingers which dislodges them. Finally, before advancing the sheet into the cutting engine, the vacuum feed belt ‘jogs’ briefly against the rear paper stop, creating a natural curve that helps ensure even difficult media feeds faultlessly.

Dual tool power – digital accuracy
The digital cutting head can apply up to 750g of force, individually for both the cutting and creasing tools. Their actions are controlled via the included ColorCut Pro software. In common with the entire ColorCut family, the SC5000 can be set to apply exact amounts of pressure and speed, along with total control over the application of cut, crease and perforation of the vector artwork lines.

Ergonomic, compact and mobile
The space-saving media catch tray slides away when not in use and the manoeuvrable stand ensures it is easily accommodated into any environment. The 5 inch immersive touch screen control panel is housed within an articulated module which can pivot to suit the angle desired by the operator.

Easy to use automatic job retrieval - When creating jobs, ColorCut Pro applies an auto assigned (editable) QR code* to each design, whilst auto-saving the cutting file to the ColorCut Pro Job Library.

Jobs with QR codes can be cut at a later date by any operator – no need to search for which file to cut – no specific computer application skills required! The SC5000 checks the QR code on each sheet, retrieves the associated cut file and proceeds to cut and crease as required – even if the sheet is presented at 180°. Choose to cut a single sheet or even thousands on an unattended run.

The Vision3 CCD camera has an 8th generation sensor with enhanced sensitivity to read even white QR codes and SmartMarks, when applied on dark media.

Working Area (max) - 340mm x 520mm / 13.38" x 20.47"
Working Area (min) - 180mm x 279mm / 7.08" x 10.98"
Width - 790mm / 31"
Depth - 680mm / 27"
Height - 1270mm / 50"
Weight - 115kgs / 254lb
Max Speed - 960mm per second / 37.8" per second
Power Supply - AC 110-220V 50/60Hz, 0.5A
ConnectivityUSB (1 connection to PC is required)
Data BufferExternal PC
Feeder Capacity - 85mm / 3.34" stacker height (Up to 900 sheets for auto-sheet feed, based on 80gsm / 21lb bond media)
ToolingTwin head (1 x cutter 1 x creaser)