BAUM HVF Timed Feeder/Loader

The Baumfolder HVLF feeder can feed a wide variety of products that are thick to thin and in variable select shapes. Some examples are feeding flat cardboard boxes, cardboard shapes, catalogs for insertion for e-commerce order fulfillment, and more!

Baumfolder offers a unique solution to increase the feeding capability as compared to the traditional bottom fed feeders using the Baumfolder HVLF Feeder. Sensors are located in the hopper that keep a selected amount of product in the hopper until the entire load of product is fed from the horizontal transfer area. Easy, continuous loading of product is performed on a long belted transfer table that insures non-stop production. Additional loading capacity can be added by adding the optional Baumfolder extension tables for an additional six to ten feet of loading capacity.
Longer run times between loadings;
Continuous, non-stop operation;
Ability to load and feed heavier, bulky, products with continuous feeding;
Combine multiple Baumfolder HVLF feeders and program to feed into a lug conveyor or flow wrapper;
Program to feed onto a conveyor for an auto bagging or carton closing line.

Product Sizes: Head to foot max. 356mm (14 in.); Head to foot min. 127mm (5 in.); Spine to face max. 330mm (13 in.); Spine to face min. 76mm (3 in.);
Product Thickness: 2 to 72 pages;
Spine Direction: Leading / edge / optional Straight Shooter attachment;
Electrical Power Supply: Standard, 460VAC, 230VAC, 115VAC;
Air Consumption: approx. 6 SCFM;
Loading Length - 53";
Dimensions: Hopper loading height: (44 inches); Overall width: main conveyor (14 inches); Overall length: (94 inches); Overall height: (52 inches); Height adjustment: (4.50 inches);
Side Guides: Center justification;
Safety Standards: CE and ANSI B65.2 1999.