BAUM 20 ICF-3 Independent Continuous Feeder

The Baum 20 ICF is an Independent continuous feeder that provides the capability for non-stop continuous feeding of sheets onto another. The Baum 20 ICF also includes a precision register table. This machine is installed in a fixed position due to the larger size of the machine.

BAUM iFold tutorial standard;
Built-in Batch Counter with variable batch;
Touch Screen control panel with color pictographs;
Built-in Total Counter;
Diagnostic Message Display;
AC Inverter drive;
Exclusive Dual Front Blow Bars;
Double Sheet detector with feeder stop and diagnostic error display;
Registration table with sheet guide standard;
Optical lead edge sensor;
One-sheet test mode.

Maximum Sheet Size: 20.5 x 33 in. (52 x 84 cm);
Maximum Sheet Size: 20.5 in. wide x 33 in. long (52.07 cm x 84 cm);
Minimum Sheet Size: 4 in. wide x 6 in. long (10.16 cm x 15.24 cm);
Speed infinite variable from 0-8200 in./min. (0-203 m/min);
Electrics: 220/1/60, 220/1/50, 220/3/60, 220/3/50, or 380-415/3/50;
Metric/inch scales.