Duplo Esper DM-230V Collator

The Esper DM-230V Direct Mail Collator has been designed to meet the growing demand for organizing assorted marketing literature. Sets incorporating a range of materials such as leaflets, brochures, and postcards can be quickly collated and wrapped around with a cover ready for distribution.
Collates up to 9,000 sets per hour. 23 feeding stations. Standalone collator, ideal for collating assorted materials.
The Esper features low noise, low energy consumption, a small footprint, and 23 feeding stations. The engineering of the collator ensures accurate feeding and delivery of sets time after time.

Collates up to 9,000 sets per hour;
23 feeding stations;
Wide range of document handling;
Fast and simple setup;
Small footprint;
Low energy consumption;
Low noise.

- Leaflets;
- Brochures;
- Reply-paid postcards;
- Direct Mailers;
And much more.

Number of Feed Bins: 23;
Paper Size:
Postcard to A3;
Cover Bin: B5 to B3;
Paper Type:
Standard Bins: single sheets, folded sheets, booklets;
Cover Bin: single sheets, folded sheets;
Bin Capacity: Approx. 2.5"*;
Processing Speed: 9,000 sets per hour;
Noise Emission: 76.6 db.