Duplo UD-M300 Hand Feed Die Cutter

Create on demand die cut products with the UD-M300 Hand Feed Die Cutter!
The UD-M300 Hand Feed Die Cutter produces a variety of digital print and packaging products such as custom-shaped brochures and direct mailers, stationery, retail packages, labels, and folded boxes. Designed for use with flexible dies, the UD-M300 performs multiple cuts, slits, slit-scores, kiss cuts, perforations, and window punches for single and multiple-up pieces on a wide range of paper stock up to 14" x 20" with affordable cost.
The UD-M300 features similar specifications as the UD-300 model plus a hand feed tray and fine tune adjustments for precise and accurate die cut applications. It also comes standard with a receiving tray, however, a separator and conveyor unit is available as an option. Hand fed, rotary magnetic cylinder die cutter. Fast die changeover and set up times. Processes up to 14" x 20" sheets.

Hand feed tray;
Rotary magnetic cylinder die cutter;
Designed for use with flexible dies;
Fast die changeover;
Minimal set up times;
Processes 14" x 20" sheets;
Optional separator/conveyor unit available.

- Invitations and greeting cards;
- Gift card holders and tags;
- Coasters;
- Box holders;
- Party favors;
- Doorknob hangers;
- Folded boxes;
- Product labels;
- Product packaging for clamshell packaging;
- A full range of limitless applications.

System Type: Rotary magnetic cylinder die cutter;
Paper Size (WxL):
Max. 14.33" x 20.275" (364x515mm);
Min. 8.267 x 11.693" (210x297mm).
Paper Thickness:
Max. 400gsm;
Min. 106gsm.
Feed System: Manual feed with in tray start switch and foot pad.