Brackett Paper Joggers

Brackett Joggers are known world-wide for rugged durability, very low maintenance and ever after performance. Paper jogging machines have become a "necessary convenience" for printers and paper converters who require perfectly aligned sheets for quality output. The reliability of Brackett Joggers has been known world-wide for nearly a century. The 15" jogger is the smallest yet most prolific member of our world-class family of paper joggers. Brackett Joggers always deliver straight stacks of materials.

Brackett joggers range in size from 15" up to 38x46";
All models feature quick, easy adjustments for tilt, height, and jogging action;
Single plane vibration aligns paper quickly - quietly - stack-after-stack from flimsy tissues to heavy paper loads;
All are built on a stable, cast iron bed-plate attached to a heavy-duty drive motor, which transfers single plane vibration to the worktable.

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