Bourg Preparation Module (BPM)

The Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) is a fully automated, modular and scalable sheet preparation unit that vastly simplifies the creation of perfect bound and stitched books and booklets. With a BPM connected to an In-Line Bourg binder or booklet maker, finished books and booklets of many different sizes can be produced with no operator intervention.
The BPM works In-Line with select digital printers and presses, as well as Off-Line, or in Dual-Mode connected to a Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF).
The innovative BPM opens the way to significant economies of scale with its unique use of one paper size for any book format. Sheets are converted from large to small formats in one pass, enabling multiple book or booklet formats from media of a single size. Single-pass conversion also makes it possible to print on large sheets with multi-up imposition, which reduces click charges.
Fully automated sheet preparation reduces the manual workload, while maximizing productivity and optimizing quality. Ultimately, printers can deliver higher-quality, more cost-effective books and booklets in shorter turnaround times.
- Streamlined workflow.
The BPM eliminates or reduces many time-consuming processes, such as preparing media in multiple sizes, manually setting up machines, and trimming finished jobs. The fully automated process maximizes productivity, frees operators for other tasks, and minimizes the risk of human error.
The BPM is exceptionally versatile and easy-to-use :
The operator simply loads a single-sized media into the printer/press and completes the process by unloading the finished books or booklets. Everything else is done automatically.
Jobs are automatically converted from very large formats of up to 600 x 370 mm (23.6 x 14.6 in), to very small formats down to 139 x 120 mm (5.5 x 4.7 in) in a single pass.
For 2-up jobs with an odd number of sheets, the BPM automatically separates the last sheet and ejects the unneeded half to the trash. It is no longer necessary to trim the sheet before proceeding with the print finishing.
Multiple media types for covers, inside pages and inserts, can be processed together, offering a large flexibility in terms of finished product.
The processed sheets can be fed directly from the BPM into a downstream C.P. Bourg BB3202 Perfect Binder or BM-e Booklet Maker.
- High-quality results.
With its innovative bleed trimming system the BPM cuts paper on all four edges, and trims symmetrically or asymmetrically from 4 to 100 mm (from 0.16 to 3.94 in) of coated or uncoated sheets. This way you can produce all creative formats.
Advanced servo-motor scoring cylinder technology creases sheets on the fly with very high position precision, while the highest quality knife creasing gives the best results without damaging the printed surface.
- Modular, scalable solution
The BPM grows with your business. It uniquely integrates with your current and future workflow to maximize your asset utilization. You can start with one BPM to do 1-up and 2-up jobs and later, invest in a second BPM to do 4-up jobs.

The base unit incorporates a paper path containing sheet registration and rotation functions, additional onboard functionality may be added as required.
Some functions can be repeated for custom applications.
Configure your BPM as you need.
Start with one BPM for 1-up and 2-up jobs and later, invest in a second BPM to do 4-up jobs (expected commercial availability for the 4-up from Q4 2018).
Maximize your asset utilization
The paper-path can follow either a right to left process or a left to right process
Flexibility to change the In-Line press/printer

Each BPM may include up to three slots
Possible additional functions : bleed/trim, crease, cut, fold or bypass
Tailor your BPM to your need
User-friendly industrial grade color touch screen
Single GUI for entire finishing line can be connected wirelessly to any tablet, smartphone or computer
Control your entire finishing remotely
Remote diagnostics, statistics and much more
Each book block and cover will be scanned in order to guarantee book integrity
No setup required
Each job is checked in order to avoid reprints, also records each job for job tracking
No manual job setup

Productivity: A4 LEF : 300 spm, A3 LEF: 200 spm;
Incoming velocity: Adjustable 0,8 to 2 m/s (2.6 to 6.5 ft/s);
Trim size tolerance: 0,4 mm (0.01 in);
Crease position tolerance: 0,4 mm (0.01 in);
Cut position tolerance: 0,4 mm (0.01 in).

Dimensions of BPM with 1 slot/unit (L x W x H): 108 x 88 x 104,5-112 cm (42.51 x 34.64 x 41.14-44.09 in);
Dimensions of BPM with 2 slot/unit (L x W x H): 133 x 88 x 104,5-112 cm (52.36 x 34.64 x 41.14-44.09 in);
Dimensions of BPM with 3 slot/unit (L x W x H): 158 x 88 x 104,5-112 cm (62.20 x 34.64 x 41.14-44.09 in);
Weight of the BPM without any slot/unit: 241,5 kg (532.41 lbs);
Weight of the bleeder unit: 33 kg (72.75 lbs);
Weight of the cutter unit 33,5 kg (73.85 lbs);
Weight of the creaser unit: 41 kg (90.38 lbs);
Weight of the folder unit: 38 kg (83.77 lbs);
Weight of the Graphical User Interface (GUI): 3,5 kg (7.71 lbs).