Bourg Binder BB3202 EVA / PUR-C Perfect Binder

The Bourg Binder BB3202 EVA/PUR-C is unique to the market: this is the only perfect binder designed to operate In-Line, Near-Line or Dual-Mode with digital printers and produce books without the intervention of an operator. The BB3202 is the result of a combination of the proven perfect binder BB3002 and the new Bourg Book Compiler (BBC). The BB3202 reduces your businesses print finishing costs and offers your clients short turnarounds for added value.
The BBC compiles sheets or single fold signatures coming from previous devices (BSF or BPRF) or print engine. Once the book block is completed, the BBC transfers the stack into the BB3002 to bind it immediately. There is no need to wait for all book blocks of the job queue to be prepared before starting binding/finishing operations. Furthermore, as the barcode system is integrated to the binder, this machine offers a level of process integrity that exceeds operator-control. It enables printers to produce more on-demand books in a given amount of time while preventing costly errors.
The BB3202 EVA/PUR-C is ideal for on-demand printers and publishing houses (POD) and online bookshops. It will help printers and publishing warehouses to respond quickly to a demand of short-run book production and avoid storage of books in houses and in shops. It will help online bookshops producing a large quantity of "book runs of one" such as photo books and the production of single book orders.
By working In-Line with digital printers, the BB3202 EVA/PUR-C offers full production discretion to financial and governmental institutions.

Fast In-Line and fully automatic high-quality book production. EXCLUSIVE TO C.P. BOURG
In the In-Line mode, the BB3202 EVA/PUR-C produces perfect-bound books at a peak rate of 350 books per hour (up to 650 cycles/hour). Final dimensions of books produced by the Bourg BB3202 range from 195 x 139 mm (7.67 x 5.47 in) up to a maximum 370 x 320 mm (14.56 x 12.59 in), and in thickness from 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in).
Like the BB3002 on which it is based, the new BB3202 binder automatically adapts to the thickness of each job to process each book most productively, sets jogging, power milling and notching, gluing, scoring and suction cover-feeding without manual intervention.
- Track production statistics to improve workflow efficiency.
A proven barcode system is available as an option for any BB3202 configuration. The barcode system incorporates both book content and cover sensors to ensure accurate cover-to-content matching. Job integrity check and automatic communication with CMT trimmers makes it possible to track books through binding and trimming and to track production statistics to improve workflow efficiency.
- Configuration flexibility. EXCLUSIVE TO C.P. BOURG
The BB3202 can be configured to operate In-Line with a digital printer directly or with a Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF) for Near-Line/Dual-Mode automated production.
Placed In-Line between a printer and the finishing equipment, the Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF) enables the In-Line finishing with the BB3202 to process jobs from other printers. The printer connected to the BB3202 may also send its output into a stacker while the BSF feeds other jobs into the BB3202 simultaneously. In this way, short-run jobs can be produced to satisfy immediate production needs without interrupting In-Line job setups, or to accommodate book blocks produced from other workflows.
The BB3202 sets the standard in In-Line perfect binding. Adding optional modules such as a perforate-rotate-fold unit (BPRF) can drastically increase productivity by transforming A4 sheets into A5 books (2 up productions). In order to complete this automated solution, a CMT-130 or a CMT-330C In-Line configuration can provide the final three-sided trimming. In brief, the BB3202 integrates with your current and future workflow.
- Available in EVA/hot melt and PUR glue.
Depending on the job you need to perform, C.P. Bourg enables you to have the machine that responds to your needs.
The PUR adhesive system is the most durable and flexible book binding glue available. It is ideal to produce softcover books, and on-demand full-color print materials such as photo books. The EVA/hot melt adhesive is faster and cheaper than PUR but is less durable and less flexible. This is why the EVA gluing system is ideal to produce on-demand handouts, medical prescription books (cover with inner flaps and tear-off sheets) and black/white books for a small price.
If you decide to purchase the BB3202 PUR-C, please note that this machine can be used with EVA/hot melt when needed.

Maximum speed in EVA mode: 650 cycles/hour - 350 books/hour;
Maximum speed in PUR-C mode: 650 cycles/hour - 285 books/hour.

Minimum cover size 100 x180 mm (3.93 x 7.08 in)
Maximum cover size 385 x 750 mm (15.15 x 29.52 in)
Cover weight 80 to 300 gsm
Minimum paper size of books with cover (perfect binding mode) 100 x 90 mm (3.93 x 3.54 in)
Maximum paper size of books with cover (perfect binding mode) 385 x 320 mm (15.15 x 12.59 in)
Minimum paper size of books without cover (padding mode) 60 x 90 mm (2.36 x 3.54 in)
Maximum paper size of books without cover (padding mode) 385 x 320 mm (15.15 x 12.59 in)
Book thickness (perfect binding and padding modes) 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in)
Milling depth 0 to 3 mm (0 to 0.11 in)
Paper weight 60 to 200 gsm
Minimum paper size of books with/without cover (perfect binding and padding modes) 195 x 139 mm (7.67 x 5.47 in)
Maximum paper size of books with/without cover (perfect binding and padding modes) 370 x 320 mm (14.56 x 12.59 in)
Book thickness (perfect binding and padding modes) 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36 in)
Milling depth 0 to 3 mm (0 to 0.11 in)
Paper weight 60 to 200 gsm
(1) Padding mode is not available with PUR version due to cure time
(2) These figures may be impacted by printer media limitations

Dimensions of BB3002 (L x W x H) 202 x 135 x 150 cm (79.52 x 53.15 x 59.05 in)
Dimensions of BBR (L x W x H) 106 x 60 x 50 cm (41.73 x 23.62 x 19.68 in)
Dimensions of BBC (L x W x H) 150 x 85 x 145 cm(59.05 x 33.46 x 57.08 in)
Weight of BB3002 650 kg (1,430 lbs)
Weight of BBR 80 kg (176 lbs)
Weight of BBC 300 kg (661 lbs)
Glue temperature (EVA) 130C to 180C (256F to 356F)
Cover station capacity (cover pile height) 80 mm (3.15 in)
BBR capacity 700 mm (27.56 in)

208/220V +-10%, 60Hz, 3 phase delta, 12A
220/230V or 240V +-10%, 50Hz, 3 phase delta, 12A
380/400 or 415V +-10%, 50Hz, 3 phase star, no neutral needed, 12A
120V +-10%, 60Hz, 5A
230V +-10%, 50Hz, 2A
Power consumption 4,000 W
Radiant heat 13,648 BTU/hour
Sound level 76 dB
Power consumption 1,150 W
Radiant heat 5,120 BTU/hour

Compressed air requirements 87 to 116 PSI / 6 to 8 BAR
Air consumption 50 l/min; the melter needs a flow rate a 30 Std L/min
Minimum air quality rating requirements ISO 8573.1 :2010 Class 1.7.2 (maximum particle size: 40μm ; maximum concentration: 10mg/m3 ; maximum Dew point: +7C)