Morgana AutoCreaser Pro XL Creaser

The AutoCreaser Pro XL is an easy to use automatic paper creasing system with a cost efficient vacuum top feeder. The unique creasing rule in the AutoCreaser Pro XL eliminates paper tearing and therefore cracking. Running at 8,500 8.5" x 11" sheets per hour, with no loss of accuracy, this is our most productive creaser to date. The new AutoCreaser Pro XL takes a sheet size of 15" x 51" with the table extension, this comes as standard with this new machine. Morgana’s new Adaptive Process Control (APC) monitors sheet feeding in a closed loop process, delivering outstanding performance and reliability. The new AutoCreaser Pro XL is specifically designed to handle the widest range of media. The Feeder continuously checks the paper float zone and automatically makes adjustments on the fly. This is an industry first for a product of this class and ensures highest feed reliability. Operators of all skill levels can get the most out of the AutoCreaser Pro XL.

• Edge registered vacuum top feeder with an outstanding load capacity of 7.9"
• New sheet separation controlled by optical sensor array automatically adapts to different media, weights and types
• Automatic feeding parameter selection based on paper size and thickness - simplifies set up regardless of operator skill
• Ultrasonic double sheet detection
• Table extendible up to 51" to support popular longer sheet applications
• Powerful creasing unit can accept standard and narrow creasing blades as well as optional cross perforation blades
• Optional second creaser enables up/down creasing in one pass
• Simplified adjustments and blade changeovers without special tools
• Inline rotary perforation
• Optional cross perforation unit available

Maximum number of creases / sheets 30 (Up to 60 when 2 creasers are fitted).
Maximum productivity 8500 Sheets per hour (single crease).
Number of crease tools 1 standard, optional 2nd creaser tool.
Maximum load capacity 7.9".
Minimum distance between creases 0.004".
Media range 0.0035" - 0.0157".
Sheet size: max 15.2" x 27.6" (15.2 x 51"with table extension).
Sheet size: min 3.7" x 8.3".
Inline perforation Standard.
Cross perforation Optional.
Feed technology Vacuum belt top fed with Advanced Process Control (APC).
Weight 673lb incl. packing.