Model 75VPHC / Shinohara 5 Five Color Perfector

Features:Only 79 million impressions! • AEC Chiller/ Temperature Control System; • Shinohara CIP information software/console (NEW); • Automatic High pile feed with pallet feed option; • Harris and Bruno Analox coating system with UV extended delivery, Litho Coat coating circulator; • Printing Research AB2 drying system and Ventahood; • X-rite Spectrophotometer with Software, track and pump; • One extra set of rollers and cores.
Specification:Sold with Fuji Dart (Screen) 4300 Thermal CTP • Auto punch 550, 425, and 220; • Multi- Cassette loader with straight conveyor and gravity stacker; • FLH-85z Supreme Thermal Plate Processor; • Oris color tuner-pro software.
Price:USD 150,000.00