Plockmatic 1000 8 Station Vacuum Feed Collator

Features:The tower module contains 8 bins with an impressive 40 mm bin capacity. - Handles sheet sizes from oversize A3 down to CD. Integrated stacker.
Price:USD 8,000.00
Plockmatic PL1000 8 Station Vacuum Feed Collator/Feeder S/N L018A00049 8 Station Plockmatic 1000 Vacuum Feed Collator/Feeder with current feeder upgrades. New demonstrator unit. UL Listed Plockmatic 1000 Feeder Pro: A completely new concept in vacuum feeding/collating that offers a unique combination of traditional collating and advanced feeding applications. Use it as a traditional collator for normal collating/sorting jobs of everything from NCR up to high gloss cover stock. For digital applications, load your stack of pre-sorted printer outputs and use the feeding function to produce your booklets. Combine the two and you get a truly flexible and versatile system. Merge colour prints from your offset/digital press with presorted bl/w printer outputs and/or stock from your color printer.