Rosback 248 and 249 Right-Angle Perforator/Scorer/Slitters

The 248 Series Perforator/Scorer/Slitters eliminate the time and extra handling in jobs requiring multiple passes. Easily turn large multiple up layouts into finished sheets. Edge trim, gutter slit, strike perforate, micro perforate, and score, in virtually any combination and layout imaginable. Heavy duty construction makes the 248 Series ideal for the most demanding production Feed into the Model 248 from any Rosback perforating unit to finish right angle jobs perfectly and profitably. Upgrade to a 249 tandem (2) shaft unit for twice as many perforating or scoring heads, and virtually unlimited perforating, scoring, and slitting patterns. These 30 inch units also roll up and accept work from folders, collators, numbering machines, perforators, and other equipment.. Rolls away for easy storage when not in use.

248/249 STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Ball Bearing Construction; Easy-Out Shafts; 2-Sets of Drive Rollers (249 has 4 sets); 2-Sets of Slot Perf Heads (249 has 4 sets); 1-Set Std Scoring Heads (249 has 2 sets); 1-Set of Shaft Supports (249 has 2 sets); 8-Perforating Blades; 1-Tool Kit.

Heavy duty, ball bearing construction;
Standard Easy-Out Shafts dramatically reduce setup time when changing tools;
100% accurate side registration with angle and position micro adjustment;
Convenient operator controls;
Adjustable infeed height;
Caster mounted for easy mobility;
Quickly add or remove heads;
Run up to 20 heads.

TrueScore-Pro Scoring Heads for Crack;
Free Digital Scoring;
“CD” Inlay Heads;
Gutter Slitter/Perf Heads;
Knife-Cut Heads;
Micro-Perf Heads;
Slitting Heads;
Edge Slitting Heads;
Gutter Slitting Heads;
Wide Variety of Scoring Heads;
Split Scoring Heads;
Quick Align Perforating Heads;
Pressure-Sensitive Slitting Attachment;
Narrow Margin Perf Heads;
Special 1/2” Wide Slot-Perf Heads;
Special Engineered Heads Upon Request;
Jogger Delivery;
Conveyor Delivery;
Divided Deliveries;
CE Guarding Package.

Minimum Sheet Size:
7.50” (19cm) x 7.50” (19cm).
Maximum Sheet Size:
30” (76cm) x 30” (76cm).
Min space between lines of perf:
3/4” (1.9cm) standard;
1/2” (1.3 cm) available.
Min space between lines of score/crease:
1/4” (6.4 mm) Standard.
Cycle Speed:
Up to 24,000 feet per hour.
248 L: 89” (2.3m); W: 42” (1.1m) H: 38” (1.0m);
249 L: 92” (2.3m); W: 42” (1.1m) H: 38” (1.0m).
Net Weight:
248 760 lbs. (345 kg);
249 960 lbs. (435 kg).
Standard Input Power* 120 vac, 60Hz, 1Ph, 10 amp.