Xante X-32 Production UV Printer

The X-32 is a revolutionary advancement in UV printing. It is a heavy-duty, six color, high speed uv-curable flatbed inkjet printing solution for any large object or irregular surface. Print on small-format coroplast signage, clear acrylic displays, foam board, wooden signs, painted steel signs, aluminum outdoor signs, PVC plastic, stone, magnetic materials, corrugated boxes, plastic containers, counter displays, pens, balls, tags, tiles, and much more at an impressive 720 x 1200 dpi. Print on large, irregular shaped, 3-dimensional objects. Fast printing up to 118 sq.ft/hr (11 sq.m/hr). High Resolution up to 720 x 1200 dpi. High Speed UV Curing with dual-wide UV LED lamps. Vacuum suction flatbed to ensure print accuracy. Heavy-duty construction with no cheap plastic components. Waterproof and outdoor durable.
The X-32 utilizes a staggered array of six industrial UV print heads which allow for simultaneous printing of CMYK + WW or VV. Dual wide UV LED lamps work in tandem with the six print heads to cure the ink as it is placed on the surface; therefore allowing white or varnish to print simultaneously with the CMYK output. A head-height calibration sensor helps create an easy reference for optimizing and aligning print heads to irregular surfaces.

Both the printer and the iQueue software are easy to use and simple to learn. Made with all steel, heavy duty materials, the X-32 is built to last.
Improved In-House Productivity. The X-32 combines the best of industrial, commercial, and specialty printers without the bulk and floor space required for larger machines. It delivers speed, quality, depth, and versatility to the signage and specialty printing markets.

Five ways to print intense, brilliant, pure white:
- White flood - Fill entire print area with white;
- White active pixels - White under dot of any other color;
- White inactive pixels - White anywhere there's no other color;
- White spot color generation - Use Right On to change a color to white;
- No white - Turns off the previous 3 white options, but SPOT COLOR GENERATION option can still be used.

Print on large 3-dimensional items:
Accepts media up to 24"W x 36"L x 11.02"H. (60.9cm x 91.4cm x 27.9cm);
Maximum Media Weight 66 lbs. / 30 kg.
Fast printing: 118 sq.ft./hr (11 sq.m/hr) (preliminary estimate for sign printing).
High resolution: 720x1200dpi.
Vacuum suction: Increases Quality of Print. Constant suction force holds lightweight media in place. Eliminates extra work to secure media before printing.
Heavy-duty construction: No cheap plastic servos and actuators here. Solid metal lead screws ensure decades worth of precision printing.
6 industrial printheads: Six staggered, industrial print heads with LED curing lamps at each end allow the printing of white or varnish alongside cyan, magenta, yellow, and black in a single pass. Two dedicated for WW or VV. Staggered array for simultaneous printing of CMYK and WW.
Easy height calibration: Optimize print heads with head height calibration sensor which creates an easy height reference on irregular surfaces.
High speed curing: Dual Wide UV LED lamps.
Heavy-duty motors: Powerful and rugged motor construction sets the X-32 apart with its high precision and reliable response. The motor's mechanical design is especially tough, enabling it to work for years on end with little or no maintenance.
Weight: 1102 lbs.;
Size: 78.7" x 47.2" x 45.3".

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