Rosback Model 220SR, 223SR and 226SR Series Perforator/Scorer/Slitters

Rosback has been providing world class perforating and slitting solutions since 1881. The TrueLine feeding mechanism is so consistent that it is copied by many folder manufacturers wanting continuous, accurate feeding of various weights of paper. TrueLine Perforators provide a high quality, cost-effective perforating and scoring solution that presses or folders cannot match. Enjoy a wide variety of uses including Slot, Knife-Cut and Micro Perforation, Slitting, and Scoring. Get precision results on stocks ranging from 9-lb. onionskin to 1/16” board. Rosback TrueLines are well known for simplicity of use and years of trouble free operation. Add the patent pending TrueScore-Pro for crack free scoring on the most difficult materials, including digitally printed stock.

220/223/226 SR SERIES STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 2-Sets of Slot Perf Heads w/Burr Rollers*; 1-Set of Scoring/Creasing Heads*; 2-Sets of Drive Rollers*; 8-Perforating Blades; 1-Tool Kit; 1-Spare Parts Kit; 1-Set Full Circle Shaft Supports (223 only)*.
*(Double this quantity on Model 226)

Vacuum Feeding eliminates marking sensitive stock;
Separate vacuum and pressure controls enhance performance;
Speeds up to 24,000 feet/hr;
100% accurate registration system including sheet deflectors and micrometer dial for angular adjustments;
Ergonomically located operating controls;
Heavy duty casters for portability;
Quickly add or remove heads;
Run up to 5 heads on 220SR;
Run up to 10 heads on 223SR;
Run up to 20 heads on 226SR;
Handles materials ranging from 9-lb. onionskin to 1/16” board.

Programmable sheet feeding with gap control;
Programmable total & batch counter;
Strike perforate using the optional Cobra Strike System (223SRX and 226SRX Only);
Add a 248 or 249 Right Angle unit or feed directly into your right angle folder.

• TrueScore-Pro heads for crack free digital scoring;
• Cobra Strike Perforating;
• Conveyors and Delivery Dividers for cards, tickets, and labels;
• Quick-Align Perforating Heads;
• Easy-Out Perforating Shafts;
• Wide Variety of Scoring Heads;
• Split Scoring Heads;
• “CD” Inlay Heads;
• Gutter Slitter/Perf Heads;
• Knife-Cut Heads;
• Micro-Perf Heads;
• Slitting Heads;
• Pressure-Sensitive Slitting Kit;
• Special Engineered Heads;
• CE Guarding Package.

Sheet Sizes:
5”(12.7cm) x 4.6”(11.7cm).
220SR 20” x 23” (52cm x 58cm);
223SR 226SR 26” x 26”.
220SR 98” (249 cm);
223SR 104” (264 cm);
226SR 107” (272 cm).
220SR 33” (84 cm);
223SR 226SR 39” (99 cm).
42” (107 cm).
Weight Net:
220SR 620 lbs. (281 kg);
223SR 680 lbs. (308 kg);
226SR 755 lbs. (343 kg).
Electrical Standard* 120 vac, 60 Hz, 1Ph, 5 amp (slow-blow recommended).
Pump 120 vac, 60 Hz, 1Ph, 15 amp (circuit breaker required).
Cycle Speed:
Feet / hour Up to 24,000.
Minimum Spacing Between Lines:
220SR 223SR 3/4” (1.9 cm) - 1/2” (1.3 cm) available;
226SR Unlimited.
220SR 223SR 1/4” (6.4 mm) Standard;
226SR Unlimited.