Bourg Document Finisher (BDF-e)

The Bourg Document Finisher (BDF-e) is an entry-level compact and fully automated booklet maker. All parameters are controlled by a user-friendly color touchscreen interface in which stitching, folding, and trimming operations are completed in a single enclosed unit. This guarantees set integrity and a maximum speed of 4,200 booklets/hour. The BDF-e is connectable In-Line with a BSF and seamlessly integrates the benefits of Off-Line and In-Line finishing, ideal for customers hesitating between Off-Line and In-Line finishing (see the description of the BSF). Since the BDF-e can be directly connected to multiple print engines such as Xerox and Oce/Canon, it is the perfect choice for in-plants or commercial print shops that need to produce booklets in production runs from one to thousands.

Bourg Document Finisher (BDF-e)

Produce automatically A5 to A4 booklet size and even more... Final dimensions of booklets produced by the BDF-e range from 76 x 120 mm (2.99 X 4.72 in) up to 260 mm x 356 mm (10.23 x 14.01 in) to a maximum speed of 4200 sets/hour. The BDF-e is able to stitch fold trim up to 22 sheets, stitches up to 55 sheets, and folds up to 22 sheets (88 pages) booklets without scuffing or marking.

Create the solution that responds to your needs The BDF-e is compatible with several C.P. Bourg machines. With the Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF), for example, the BDF-e can be connected directly in In-Line and Near-Line mode to multiple print engines such as Xeror and Oce/Canon and Kodak and can quickly produce booklets. Connected In-Line to the Bourg Bleed Crease Module (BCM-e), the BCM-e will perform the highest quality knife creasing, top and bottom bleeding. Adding the Square Edge Module (SQE) to the configuration will transform traditional stitch-fold-trim booklets into square edged booklets. Booklets produced are flat and easy to stack.

MEDIA (IN OFF-LINE MODE) Maximum Speed 4,200 booklets/hour (5 A4 sheets, 90 gsm) Paper weight 60 to 300 gsm Face trimming 0 to 20 mm (0 to 0.78 in) SADDLE STITCHING Minimum paper size * 120 x 203 mm (4.72 x 8 in) Maximum paper size 356 x 520 mm (14.01 x 20.47 in) Booklet thickness (with fold and cut) 2 to 22 sheets of 80 gsm or equivalent (cover included) TOP/SIDE STITCHING Minimum paper size * 120 x 76 mm (4.72 x 3 in) Maximum paper size 356 x 297 mm (14.01 x 11.69 in) Booklet thickness (without fold nor cut) 2 to 55 sheets of 80 gsm or equivalent (cover included) FOLDING/TRIMMING Minimum paper size * 120 x 76 mm (4.72 x 3 in) Maximum paper size 356 x 260 mm (14.01 x 10.23 in) Booklet thickness (fold and cut) 2 to 22 sheets (8 to 88 pages) of 80 gsm or equivalent (cover included) * Software limitation to 127 mm (5 in) (instead of 120 mm - 4.72 in) in some particular cases PHYSICAL Dimensions (L x W x H) 158 x 61,3 x 194,3 cm (62.20 x 24.13 x 76.49 in) Weight 450 kg (990 lbs) Delivery conveyor 90 cm (35.43 in) ELECTRICAL / ACOUSTIC Power supply 120V +-10%, 60Hz, 10A 230V +-10%, 50Hz, 7A OPERATIONAL MODE Power consumption 750 W Radiant heat 2,600 BTU/hour Sound level 70 dB STANDBY MODE Power consumption 150 W Radiant heat 600 BTU/hour