Our used equipment can be offered with a 30 day guarantee on parts and labor or "AS IS" without warranty. We encourage you to visit our 25000 square feet facility for a demonstration. Equipment is quoted as FOB (our factory), Schiller Park, IL. We can provide shipping on our Tompkins truck and provide crating if necessary.

At Tompkins, we can offer local, flexible leasing options as well as financing on certain products. We can also provide "Illinois Tax Exemption" certificates on equipment purchases.

Paper Cutters

Item: 18142

Price: 3500 USD

Item: 18109

Price: 11500 USD

Item: 18108

Price: 11500 USD

Item: 18103

Price: 13000 USD

Item: 18092

Price: 5250 USD

Item: 18087

Price: 17500 USD

Item: 17976

Price: 17500 USD

Item: 18096

Price: 24500 USD

Item: 18112

Price: 32500 USD

Item: 18073

Price: 19000 USD

Item: 17977

Price: 29995 USD